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365 Notepad Tearsheets


Featured in The Life Diagram Program, these 365 Notepad Tearsheets keep day-to-day life organized with a preset to-do list format.  Simply write in the areas of your life you’d like to focus on today and what progress- or process-oriented tasks you will complete to tend to these areas each day.

The Life Diagram Program


An Effective Visual Approach for Increasing Productivity

The Life Diagram Program intends to help you take a closer look at the overall framework of your life so you can achieve any productive outcome from the personal infrastructure you establish.  This 20-level visual writing process provides a practical method for:

  • Recognizing what you value and want to achieve
  • Pinpointing how you can maintain your well-being during the process
  • Outlining the steps you will take to make progress
  • Determining sacrifices you will make to accelerate your advancement
  • Reflecting on the headway you’ve made and continue to make

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