“Olivia did a great job at providing alternatives to everyday situations where we use our devices and how we can regain focus in our lives.”(Healthcare Professional)

Carrie I.

“Olivia provided great information in her session and started an important conversation about the impact of device usage in the workplace. This topic is not talked about enough and I found it to be very valuable.” (Healthcare Professional)

Brooke H.

“I’m a firm believer in balance of tech. Everybody should listen to these seminars. Thanks.” (Insurance Professional)

Robert P.

“I never got a smartphone because I didn’t want to have the radiation exposure to my body. After this talk, I realized I also might have been avoiding one because I knew it would create a lot more distractions and time wasting.” (Healthcare Professional )

Kate S.

“Great presentation, very helpful in finding ways to clear your brain.” (Small Business Owner)

Joe C.