New Digital Minimalism Organization Forms in the USA

Offering Services, Products, and Resources That Rethink How We Use Technology

September 19, 2022

ST. LOUIS, MO– Livin’ Analog, a personal and professional development project that offers digital minimalism education, is now available to organizations and individuals.  Based in the Midwest, but serving a national audience, Livin’ Analog offers analog events, courses, speaking engagements, private workshops, and merchandise that bring awareness to simplifying digital device usage.

“My research indicates that digital addiction impacts people of all ages,” states Michael Mercier, President of Screen Education, a digital wellness research, education, and consulting company in the USA.  “What’s especially problematic is that digital addiction is impeding the performance of children at school, and of adults at work.  It’s therefore critical that we do all we can to help people gain greater control over their digital addiction.”

Observing the lasting impacts resulting from technology over the last decade, Livin’ Analog has prepared educational sessions and material applicable to both organizations and individuals.  These digital minimalism services and products are, specifically, tailored to foster productivity, creativity, critical thinking skills, and communication.  Livin’ Analog thoroughly believes we can reclaim these fundamentals through embracing digital minimalism and rethinking how we use technology as a whole.

“There is often an initial misconception that completely giving up technology is the way to achieve digital minimalism,” explains Olivia Orman, Founder & CEO of Livin’ Analog.  “Digital minimalism, in its truest form, involves using technology in an intentional way so you can live in the world in front of you.  Digital devices come with a set of advantages, but because of the endless input available through our screens, we need to set firmer boundaries with how we use our devices.”

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About Livin’ Analog

Livin’ Analog is a personal and professional development project that has adapted a digitally minimal approach for life enrichment and advancement.  We focus on underrecognized, prevalent obstacles in the world today and aim to increase scrutiny in these areas. Our training and resources challenge the ‘norm,’ provoke thought, and facilitate transformation.  In order to go forward and achieve progress, we must first go backwards and rethink our processes.

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