A Feature Documentary About Rethinking How We Use Our Smartphones

ST. LOUIS, MO (May 22, 2023) – Livin’ Analog®, a personal and professional development project that offers digital minimalism education, announces its collaboration with the forthcoming feature documentary Your Attention Please.  Examining the dysfunctional, codependent relationship we’ve formed with our smartphones and commonly view as inevitable, Your Attention Please will explore an alternative technology future where we can reclaim our attention, conversation, and overall humanity.

“We have come to accept this false binary”, says Sara Robin, filmmaker, and director of Your Attention Please, “either you’re connected, or you’re out. But in reality, we have a lot of room to play in how we use technology so that it works to our benefit. Livin’ Analog® offers tangible and exciting alternatives to the mainstream mantra of constant connectivity, and we’re excited to collaborate with them on Your Attention Please.”

Your Attention Please will follow several subjects up close as they seek to radically redefine their relationship with their phones.  This includes individuals rethinking for the first time how much they use their phone, fed-up citizens who have embraced a digital minimalist lifestyle, and humane tech startups, whose experiences will be complemented with expert interviews that include leading psychologists, addiction experts, design thinkers, and tech ethicists.

“I am honored that Livin’ Analog® has been selected to collaborate with Your Attention Please,” comments Olivia Orman, Founder & CEO of Livin’ Analog®.  “We look forward to the possibility of our first-ever Livin’ Analog® Day Retreat, an entirely phone-free event, being featured in the film and contributing practical insights on how we can make digital minimalism feasible in our everyday lives.”

To learn more information, visit www.yourattentionplz.com.


About Livin’ Analog®

Livin’ Analog® is a personal and professional development project that has adapted a digitally minimal approach for life enrichment and advancement. Our training and resources challenge the ‘norm,’ provoke thought, and facilitate transformation.  In order to go forward and achieve progress, we must first go backwards and rethink our processes.  Visit https://livinanalog.com/ for more information, and receive reminders to get back into the real world on Instagram and Facebook.

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