Clear Brain, Productive Gains

Learn how to organize and further develop your thoughts through visual writing.
Duration: 1 hour
Format: Keynote or breakout
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Many Thoughts, Little Action

The human brain occupies an unfathomable volume of thoughts that continue populating by the second.  Despite how some thoughts have productive qualities that can further our endeavors, many go unaccounted and fall through the cracks.

The Problem

How much we think…


The amount of thoughts the average person has per day

and how much we forget.


The approximate amount of new information humans lose within the first 24 hours of reading or hearing it

How can we accommodate our brain to achieve real results?

Our Session Provides the Solution

Clear Brain, Productive Gains answers how we can effectively compartmentalize the thoughts floating around our brain. Thus, we boost overall productivity at work and in our personal lives.

By extracting our thoughts through a brain-friendly writing strategy, we can process these thoughts more clearly. We can also adapt new perspectives that stimulate creativity and progress.

This session presents questions and ideas that transform how we process our thoughts through writing.  Actionable steps are also provided to help participants get started today.

Session Objectives

Clear Brain
  • See how the brain works
  • Understand the ‘why’ of decluttering your brain
  • Learn how to declutter your brain
  • Recognize the impact of brain-friendly writing
  • Depart with ‘how to get started’ strategies

Key Takeaways

  • The four types of constructive thoughts
  • How to organize these types of thoughts
  • The benefits of decluttering your mind
  • Why accommodate our brain while writing
  • How to convey information in a brain-friendly way

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