Digital Minimalism in a Digital World

An introduction to achieving personal and professional digital minimalism
Duration: 1 hour
Format: Keynote or breakout
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Being Overconnected Has Made Us Disconnected

Technology has made its way into nearly all facets of life.  Almost every task and activity involves electronic devices on some level, and the world will only continue plugging into their devices.  However, it is our withdrawal from the real world that has contributed to many ailments we experience today.

The Problem

Average phone usage per day…

3 hr, 15 min

The amount of time one study with 11,000 participants found spend on their phone per day

and overall average media engagement per day.

13 hr, 21 min

The average amount U.S. adults engaged with media per day in 2020 (which increased by nearly an hour per day—58 minutes)

How can we go backwards to reconnect with the world around us?

Our Session Provides the Solution

Digital Minimalism in a Digital World answers how we can adapt backward-looking approaches to live in the tangible world and boost our overall productivity.

By choosing to embrace digital minimalism, we can direct resources our such as time and money in a meaningful way.  Thus, we achieve larger outcomes and improve the quality of our lives.

This session presents questions and ideas that transform how we choose to use our electronic devices.  Actionable steps are also provided to help participants get started today.

Session Objectives

Livin' Analog
  • Determine how frequently we use electronic devices
  • Understand the ‘why’ of practicing digital minimalism
  • Learn how to live more analog
  • Recognize the impact of backward-looking approaches
  • Depart with ‘how to get started’ strategies

Key Takeaways

  • How much electronic overuse has gotten out of hand
  • Reasons we’ve become dependent on our electronic devices
  • Why live more analog
  • Ways to reduce your average screen time
  • How to incorporate analog approaches into your life

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