Distraction Destruction

A deeper dive into the impact of technology distractions
Duration: 1 hour
Format: Keynote or breakout
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Heavy Distractions, Heavy Inaction

The internet occupies a huge volume of data that continues populating by the second. Thus, it takes very little time to spiral into interruptions that inhibit us from making real progress.  This makes it challenging to eliminate distractions.

The Problem

Overall internet data created in recent years…


The amount of internet data that has been created since 2016

and mobile data created in recent years.


Gigabytes of data solely created on mobile devices (as of 2017)

How can we eliminate distractions to achieve productive results?

Our Session Provides the Solution

Distraction Destruction answers how we can effectively destruct distractions hindering our performance, thus boosting productivity at work and in our personal lives.

By eliminating the distractions that deplete our time and money, we can exponentially increase the advancement we make toward our ambitions and live in a more intentional way.

This session presents questions and ideas that transform how we approach sources of distractions in our lives.  Actionable steps are also provided to help participants get started today.

Session Objectives

Distraction Destruction
  • See how rapidly distractions are increasing
  • Understand the ‘why’ of destructing distractions
  • Learn how to destruct distractions
  • Recognize the impact of mindful disengagement
  • Depart with ‘how to get started’ strategies

Key Takeaways

  • How long it takes to get back on task once we’re distracted
  • Why distractions are dominating our lives
  • The long-term effects of continual distractions
  • Effective ways to eliminate distractions
  • The long-term effects of destructed distractions

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