Verbally Communicating with Precision and Purpose

Improve your verbal communication skills to speak more effectively
Duration: 1 hour
Format: Keynote and breakout
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The Real Cost of Words

Verbal language accounts for a small fraction of our overall communication.  However, it plays a significant role in the perception of a message.  Imprecise language can distort interpersonal conversations, inhibit collaboration, and decrease overall productivity.

The Problem

On the high end…

$62.5 Million

The average loss reported by larger corporations

and on the low end.


The average loss reported by smaller companies

How can we adjust our verbal language to more clearly communicate?

Our Session Provides the Solution

Verbally Communicating With Precision and Purpose answers how we can improve our word choice to enhance interpersonal experiences and achieve productive outcomes.

By refining our verbal communication skills, we can uphold work and home environments that foster connection, creativity, and consideration.

This session presents questions and ideas that transform how we communicate our thoughts through words.  Actionable steps are also provided to help participants get started today.

Session Objectives

Verbally Communicating
  • See the real result of poor communication
  • Understand the ‘why’ of improving your verbal language
  • Learn how to improve your verbal language
  • Recognize the impact of intentional word choice
  • Depart with ‘how to get started’ strategies

Key Takeaways

  • What’s hindering our verbal communication skills
  • The cost of poor communication
  • Why make your verbal communication more specific
  • Verbal communication pointers
  • What to ask yourself before speaking

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