September 14, 2024


Simpson Park


St. Louis, Missouri


10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
2024/09/21 10:00:00



Technology has connected people to opportunities, information, and other people like never before, but many of us have experienced first-hand the drawbacks of constant connectivity. Many of us also openly recognize that constant phone usage has become problematic interpersonally and intrapersonally.  To reap the benefits of technology while proceeding with caution, we must find screen/life balance. This is where the idea of digital minimalism comes into play.  It’s time we technology in a way that serves us, rather than us constantly serving technology.

What this event is all about

The Livin’ Analog® Day Retreat is the premier community event for taking a digital detox.  This event is entirely phone-free and includes activities, education, and resources that can help you use technology less and get back into the real world.

We believe entirely unplugging for the day is the most effective (and only) way to truly take a digital detox.  Through a full day of immersive real world experiences, the Livin’ Analog® Day Retreat will empower you to put digital minimalism into practice, discover new hobbies to pursue, and develop relationships with other like-minded individuals who are rethinking how and how much they use technology.

Event pillars

Find new hobbies

This day retreat includes a variety of activities you can pursue beyond this event to spend less time on your phone

Rethink technology

There are several opportunities throughout the day to learn about digital minimalism and how you can implement this approach into your own life

Meet like-minded people

Form connections with other individuals who value spending less time on technology and getting back into the real world

Photos from past day retreat

What past attendees say

Phone policy

The whole premise of the Livin’ Analog® Day Retreat is to put your phone down for the day and find new hobbies, learn more about digital minimalism, and socialize.  We have established specific phone procedures to stay true to the concept of our event, which assure safety for everyone who attends.

Event entry procedures

Arrive without your phone

You will be admitted into event after we confirm your phone is not with you

Specify your emergency contact

You will receive emergency contact paperwork you can complete in advance (if you sign up in advance)

How to prepare for this event

Leave your phone behind

Our event does not include a designated area for storing your personal belongings during the day, and you are only able to enter this event without your phone. Please determine where you will store your phone in advance.

Make a checklist of items to bring

Items we recommend packing for this event include sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, a water bottle, and an umbrella. If you plan on bringing your own lunch, please pack it in a brown bag; there will be no refrigeration or heating.

Know what to expect at check-in

As stated above, you will only be able to enter this event once we confirm you left your phone behind. Please confirm you understand our event procedures prior to arrival.


Simpson Park

Located in St. Louis County, Simpson Park includes a 72-acre lake, trails, picnic sites, an athletic field, pavilion, and year-round restrooms.

To access Simpson Park, follow I-44 to MO-141 N in Meramec Township. Take exit 272 from I-44.  Continue on MO-141 N. Take St. Louis Ave to Marshall Rd in Valley Park.

The Livin’ Analog® Day Retreat will primarily take place in the pavilion and the shaded area between the pavilion and the athletic field.

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