A Leader in Digital Minimalism

Livin’ Analog® was founded with a vision to make our world more human again.  It initially started as a small idea about reducing technology usage.  Now, it serves as the most comprehensive digital minimalism company for individuals and organizations ready to start using technology with intention.

Watch the video to hear Livin’ Analog®’s story from our founder, Olivia Orman.

Who We Serve

Backward-looking Thinkers

seeking analog ways of life for personal advancement and enrichment


looking to adapt simplified procedures for increasing productivity


ready to bring digital minimalism back to the classroom

What We Offer


For Organizations

Looking to offer education for just your group? We also offer private workshops that expand upon the topics we present at conferences.
Whether you're looking for keynotes, breakout sessions, or an assembly, our group presentations are compatible for small- and large-scale events.

For Individuals

Want to unplug from technology for the day? We, additionally, offer various analog events that are available to the public.
If you're looking for self-guided sessions that foster advancement, we offer courses that can also be used at our private workshops.


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