Digital Minimalism

Digital Minimalism in a Digital World

As electronic device usage continues increasing by the day, the necessity for digital minimalism is greater than ever before.

This session explores:

  • Why we’ve become dependent on our electronic devices
  • How we can benefit from adapting backward-looking approaches
  • What you can do to start practicing digital minimalism today

Distraction Destruction

Distractions belittle our attention span and productivity in and outside the workplace.  How do we achieve greater concentration amid all the input on our electronic devices?

This session investigates:

  • Why certain distractions dominate our lives
  • How to destruct distractions
  • What techniques you can use to reform your action patterns


Wholesome Stress Management in the Work and School Place

Stress at work and school is on the rise, which has increased digital media consumption.  How can you wholesomely cope with work- and school-related stress to resolve the actual source of overwhelm?

This session demonstrates:

  • Why we must implement wholesome coping techniques at work and school
  • How you can manage work- and school-related stress with simple strategies
  • What initiatives you can start taking today to guard your mind


Clear Brain, Productive Gains

Our brain occupies thousands of ideas daily.  How well are you transferring these thoughts from mind to paper to achieve real outcomes, though?

This session illustrates:

  • How to extract and organize ideas from your brain
  • Why our brain operates visually
  • How to put your ideas into action with the help of visuals

Verbal Communication

Verbally Communicating with Precision and Purpose

Words account for a small fraction of our communication.  However, the cost of poor verbal language can be significant.

This session explains:

  • How to refine your verbal communication skills
  • Why it is important to remain selective with your word choice
  • Which minor replacements you can introduce to your vocabulary

A Look at Our Presenting Style

Every Livin’ Analog® session is designed to be easily digestible by our event audiences.  We incorporate many visuals and original rhyming memory phrases into our presentations to leave long-lasting impacts on those we reach.

We strongly encourage a two-way dialog during our speaker sessions.  Thus, we have also included many small exercises in our presentations that foster interaction.  It is our goal to create memorable experiences that truly make a difference.

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