Need firmer tech boundaries in your organization?

If you’re reading this, chances are… you’re in a position to create change within your organization and you observe a necessary change that needs to be made.  Perhaps you’ve received notice of increased employee burnout and constant after-hour email monitoring, or have even witnessed its affects first-hand.

If this is your organization, establish healthy digital protocols with the

Professional Tech/Life Balance bundle

How it Works

To custom tailor a Professional Tech/Life Balance bundle that aligns with your organizational goals, Livin’ Analog® implements the following process:

1. Understand the pain points

Livin’ Analog® will set up a 30-minute discovery call with your organization to understand where your organization is facing challenges with technology.  During this call, Livin’ Analog® will ask a series of questions to get to the root of the problem, which will formulate the basis of the presentation.

2. Request pre-presentation approval

Because Livin’ Analog® will propose solutions that will transform how your organization fosters professional tech/life balance in and outside of work, Livin’ Analog® will send the personalized presentation to applicable stakeholder(s) for approval.

3. Provide day-of and follow-up support

Livin’ Analog® will then provide the level of support your organization allocates to strengthening its professional tech/life balance.  This includes the day-of presentation and additional follow-up measures (if packaged into your organization’s support tier).

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several approaches the HR department or stakeholders in your organization could theoretically take to encourage professional tech/life balance.  An advantage of going with a structured program such as the Professional Tech/Life Balance bundle, however, involves a third-party that can make outside recommendations and ensure the proposed plan is followed-through.

Our recommendation is to pace the delivery of this program over a three-month time period.  Month one would include information gathering/protocol building, month two would include group delivery, and month three would include follow-up and finetuning.

To ensure this program creates the lasting impact you’re seeking, Livin’ Analog® will provide post-presentation deliverables (such as checklists and sample technology policies) that will foster professional tech/life balance for your organization in the short- and long-term.

Ready to foster tech/life balance at work?

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