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If you’re reading this, chances are… you’ve made first-hand observations of people using their phone WAY too much. Perhaps you’re ready rethink technology and what role it serves in your own life.  You may have also considered ways you can reduce your screen time but need practical pointers for how you can achieve a more analog lifestyle long-term.

How to Begin

The most challenging part of creating any lasting change is getting started.  Here is a three-step process you can complete to finally start embarking on your digital minimalism journey:

1. Complete the Digital Dependent Quiz below

After you take the quiz, your quiz results will show you a/the primary reason that is currently holding you back from pursuing digital minimalism.

2. Submit your results

Once you review your results and recommendations, submit your results to Livin’ Analog® to receive a FREE downloadable copy of our analog implementation journal!

3. Receive free ongoing resources

Our mission is to help you reform your phone habits so you can live your best life.  Thus, you will continue receiving weekly free resources that can help you sustainably implement digital minimalism into your everyday lifestyle.

Take the Digital Rethinker Quiz

Digital Rethinker Quiz

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When you wake up in the morning, what’s the first thing you do?

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During a conversation with friends or family, how often do you find yourself checking your phone?

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When you feel stressed or anxious, what do you typically do?

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How do you prefer to spend your free time?

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How often do you find yourself losing track of time while using your phone?

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What is your main reason for checking your phone during work or study time?

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What do you feel is the most significant impact of your phone use on your daily life?

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When you have an important task to complete, how do you usually manage your phone use?

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At social gatherings, how do you handle your phone use?

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Before bed, how do you wind down?

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