Need separation from your phone?

If you’re reading this, chances are… you find yourself using your phone WAY too much and are looking for a change.  Perhaps you’ve thought about putting down your phone some more but find yourself sucked back into a “scroll hole”, or experience digital withdrawals when you do try.

How to Begin

The most challenging part of creating any lasting change is getting started.  Here is a three-step process you can complete to start redefining the tech/life boundaries in your life:

1. Complete the Digital Dependent Quiz below

After you take the quiz, your quiz results will show you a/the primary reason as to why you are tethered to your phone.

2. Submit your results

Once you review your results and recommendations, submit your results to Livin’ Analog® to receive a FREE downloadable copy of our phone detox journal!

3. Receive free ongoing resources

Our mission is to help you reform your phone habits so you can live your best life.  Thus, you will continue receiving weekly free resources that can help you sustainably implement digital minimalism into your everyday lifestyle.

Take the Digital Dependent Quiz

Digital Dependent Quiz

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When do you most often reach for your phone?

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How do you feel after a long session on your phone?

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Which activity do you spend the most time on your phone?

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Do you use your phone to improve your mood?

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How often do you find yourself using your phone to avoid doing something else?

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How important is it for you to stay updated on social media?

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How often do you use your phone when you are feeling lonely?

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Do you find yourself constantly checking your phone even without notifications?

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Do you feel anxious if you can't access your phone?

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Have you tried to reduce your phone usage before?

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