Digital Minimalism is the Way Forward

Technology has become heavily ingrained in our personal and professional lives.  While digital tools can increase connection and productivity, many individuals are finding that it’s diminishing human experiences such as conversation, practicing hobbies, and living in the present moment.  It’s time we rethink how we use our devices.

Livin’ Analog® aims to bring more awareness towards digital minimalism.  We provide practical knowledge, insights, and resources to help individuals and organizations clearly define what roles technology can play to achieve specific objectives.  Outside of those functions, we foster the process of living more analog while coexisting in a digital world.

Our Core Principles

Use every moment wisely

Write as much down as possible

Question current standards and practices

Remain a lifelong learner

Embrace challenges for intrapersonal growth

About the Founder

Olivia Orman

Founder & CEO, Livin' Analog®

Olivia Orman is the Founder & CEO of Livin’ Analog® and a multimedia communications professional at Publishing Concepts, LLC.  She initiated this personal and professional development project to provide training and resources for backward-looking thinkers, corporations, and schools curious about digital minimalism.

When Olivia is away from her creative pursuits, you will find her exploring new places on a whim, constantly trying new activities, or reading almost any book.

It really depends on the volume of work I have.  I do most of my “personal” productive projects in the morning so I can keep my laptop turned off in the evening.  I mostly use my laptop/desktop for productive purposes only; my phone can only accomplish very limited functions.  When I’m done with my projects for the day, though, you will find me very far from my devices.

Definitely my Olympus voice recorder.  I’ve found that I take more auditory notes than handwritten notes when spontaneous ideas emerge and carry it with me wherever I go.  It’s especially useful while hiking.

Reading, writing, kayaking, hiking, biking, rock climbing, walking, yoga, exploring, traveling, playing musical instruments/writing music, innovating, painting.  Almost anything, really.

I really like Dracula by Bram Stoker and have read it at least three times (minimum) now.  As for movies/TV shows, definitely Napoleon Dynamite and Twin Peaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital minimalism is a guarded approach towards technology that assesses how one uses electronic devices to accomplish certain functions.  Given how ingrained technology is in our world today, digital minimalism, inevitably, still involves technology use on some level.  However, one who lives more analog is mindful of how they use their electronic devices but actively chooses to use them less and out of necessity.

By minimizing how frequently you use electronic devices, you can reap several benefits.  Just some of these byproducts include eliminating distractions, increasing productivity, conserving time, finding more wholesome ways to manage stress, and becoming more attentive.  Livin’ Analog® offers informative sessions on all these subjects that support the premise of going backwards in our approaches.

While Livin’ Analog® strongly believes in minimizing technology usage, we also recognize the role that electronic devices play in efficiency and productivity as well.  We, more so, advocate for using technology in a more deliberate way so you can live life to the fullest and make more headway toward specific objectives.

Though Livin’ Analog® primarily offers face-to-face group training sessions, we also understand that it may be inaccessible to gather everyone in the same room at times.  Hence, we do offer virtual training sessions with protocols that honor the premise of digital minimalism.

The entire premise of Livin’ Analog® revolves around rethinking how you uses technology so you can accomplish more in your lifetime.  Whether you have personal- or professional-related objectives, you have the ability to move much further ahead simply by embracing digital minimalism.

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You can begin by taking a look at your more frequent actions. How can you substitute digital tasks that seem so ordinary with tangible counterparts instead? Rather than checking the time on your phone, wear a quartz watch. Instead of waking up to a phone alarm, use an alarm clock. These suggestions sound like no brainers, but simple analog approaches do end up making a significant difference in your life. Check out our digital minimalism product guide for reference.

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