Increase Your Action-Taking with the Two Types of Productivity


There are several moving parts – personally and professionally – that we are faced with maintaining on a daily basis. Thus, the prioritization of tasks and responsibilities plays an essential role in accomplishing objectives in the short- and long-term.

Understanding of the dynamics of productivity can help advance and enrich your life from multiple standpoints. Let’s take a look at the two types of productivity that impact your day-to-day life. With this understanding, you can then determine what you can do to increase your action-taking in both regards.


According to Merriam Webster, one definition of the word productive is:

Productive • Adj.
pro·?duc·?tive | \ pr?-?d?k-tiv
: yielding results, benefits, or profits


Based on the definition above, productivity is the completion of an action that leads to a gain. It’s important to recognize that, while larger tasks further our down-the-line ambitions, so can the smaller victories that impact us personally.

While planning your daily objectives, consider what you can accomplish from a progress-oriented and process-oriented perspective. Continue reading to learn about both types of productivity and how they impact your overall performance.

Type 1: Progress-Oriented

Progress-oriented productivity refers to the advancement of tasks that contribute to longer-term outcomes. This type of productivity pushes us to expand our knowledge and skill set, devise solutions, and exit our comfort zone. Because a progress-oriented approach involves entering new territory, though, many of us regularly avoid this type of productivity.

Which actions are you currently taking from a progress-oriented standpoint? If your to-do list is focused on immediate tasks, consider what you’d like to accomplish in your lifetime. Then, map out a yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily plan for achieving that objective.

Examples of progress-oriented productivity:

  • Starting a business
  • Writing a book
  • Increasing revenue in your organization
  • Recording a music album
  • Inventing a new idea

Type 2: Process-Oriented

Process-oriented productivity refers to life enrichment actions that prepare us to make progress-oriented strides. Specifically, this type of productivity enables us to rejuvenate and enjoy the present. Process-oriented actions can involve less out-of-the-box than the latter, though. As a result, many of us accomplish objectives from this standpoint instead of using process-oriented actions to equip us for long-term undertakings.

Which actions are you currently taking from a process-oriented standpoint? Perhaps you incorporate specific activities into your day-to-day life to tend to your physical, mental, and/or emotional wellbeing. Examine how you can use these process-oriented actions as a way to ready yourself for progress-oriented pursuits.

Examples of process-oriented productivity:

  • Taking a hike
  • Playing an instrument
  • Traveling to a new place
  • Creating art for leisure
  • Reading a book

Digital Minimalism for Productivity

In a world gone digital, electronic devices have inhibited out ability to complete progress- and process-oriented tasks that lead to greater overall productivity. In fact, one study’s findings suggest that the mere presence of one’s smartphone reduces available cognitive capacity and impairs cognitive functioning.

Powering off our electronic devices is a fundamental action we must take to increase our productivity as a whole. Rather than aimlessly scrolling through your phone to escape boredom, use this as an opportunity to take a walk. And, instead of avoiding a challenging task by consuming excess digital media, recognize your uncertainty and tackle the task head-on.

Increase Your Action-Taking Today

As continue planning what you’d like to accomplish each day, keep the idea of progress- and process-oriented productivity in mind. Structuring your daily punch list around both types of productivity ensures you incorporate constructive activities into your day that benefit your life today and down the road.

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The Life Diagram Program intends to help you take a closer look at the overall framework of your life so you can achieve any productive outcome from the personal infrastructure you establish.

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