A Digital Minimalism Get-together Taking Place in September 2023

ST. LOUIS, MO (April 30, 2023) – Livin’ Analog®, a personal and professional development project that offers digital minimalism education, is debuting its premier phone-free community event in St. Louis this fall.  Taking place at Simpson Park on September 23, 2023, the Livin’ Analog® Day Retreat will feature outdoor activity sessions, digital minimalism insights, and the opportunity to meet likeminded individuals who strive to use their devices less and get back into the real world.

“Many of us recognize how much we can gain by using our devices less, but we are also unsure of what we can do to get started,” explains Olivia Orman, Founder & CEO of Livin’ Analog®.  “What makes the Livin’ Analog® Day Retreat effective is that individuals experience new activities and ideas in a distraction-free setting.  This first-hand intervention increases the likelihood of sticking with intentional device usage in the long run, whether implemented independently or with accountability partners.”

Benefiting the St. Louis area while uniting digital minimalists beyond, the Livin’ Analog® Day Retreat has attracted participation from analog-oriented individuals on the east and west coast.  One of those digital minimalists making an out-of-state guest appearance is David Amadio, TEDx speaker who discussed The Flip Phone Manifesto.

“One of the tenets of the manifesto is getting your dopamine in the raw, which comes from genuine, face-to-face interactions without the wedge of technology,” expresses David.  “The Livin’ Analog® Day Retreat, the first event of its kind to my knowledge, creates a space for these kinds of authentic exchanges, where participants have their hands in the world rather than the world in their hands.”

Supported by organizations that promote the outdoors, literacy, and task-specific tools, the Livin’ Analog® Day Retreat is backed by a growing list of sponsors and contributors.  This includes Great Rivers Greenway, a public agency that has developed St. Louis’ 128-mile (and ever-expanding) greenways; Publishing Concepts, LLC, a publishing company that has served St. Louis for 20+ years; Bass Pro Shops, the trusted source for quality fishing, hunting, boating and outdoor sporting goods; and The Novel Neighbor, an independent bookstore and community space in St. Louis.

To learn more information or get involved with this first-time event by attending, sponsoring, and/or volunteering, visit www.livinanalog.com/day-retreat.


About Livin’ Analog®

Livin’ Analog® is a personal and professional development project that has adapted a digitally minimal approach for life enrichment and advancement. Our training and resources challenge the ‘norm,’ provoke thought, and facilitate transformation.  In order to go forward and achieve progress, we must first go backwards and rethink our processes.  Visit https://livinanalog.com/ for more information, and receive reminders to get back into the real world on Instagram and Facebook.

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