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Are you a young adult that finds yourself glued to your smartphone more often than you’d like? It’s time to break the cycle with the “Phone Detox Journal” – your guide to a balanced digital life.

Why You Need This eBook

  • Understand the Root Causes: Dive deep into why you’re spending so much time on your phone.
  • Practical Digital Minimalism: Learn easy-to-implement strategies to reduce your screen time without feeling deprived.
  • Stay on Track: Follow a 12-month guided plan with actionable steps to help you maintain progress and avoid relapses.

What’s Inside

Month 1:
Kickstart your detox

Month 2-3:
Reflect and set clear goals

Month 4-6:
Create new habits and find alternatives to phone use

Month 7-9:
Build support systems and manage setbacks

Month 10-12:
Review and plan for a long-term balanced life

Meet Olivia Orman

As the founder of Livin’ Analog® and a long-time practitioner of digital minimalism, Olivia brings over five years of personal experience in reducing digital clutter from life. She’s here to guide you on how to use the power of “analog” to enhance your daily living.


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  • Setting Boundaries: Practical advice on establishing healthier limits with your digital devices.
  • Exploring New Hobbies: Inspiration for engaging in fulfilling activities that replace screen time.
  • Latest Resources: Updates on the newest tools and books in digital minimalism to support your journey.

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