Learn How to Visually Diagram Your Life to Increase Your Productivity

A 20-level visual writing process for corporations, entrepreneurs, and backward-looking thinkers ?

  • Recognize what you value and want to achieve
  • Pinpoint how you can maintain your well-being during the process
  • Outline the steps you will take to make progress
  • Determine sacrifices you will make to accelerate your advancement
  • Reflect on the headway you’ve made and continue to make

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Course Overview

Keep delaying certain goals you want to achieve in your lifetime?

Construct a custom human blueprint for your entire life… all in one course.

Perhaps you've asked yourself these questions:

? How can I get more done in my day-to-day life?
? What can I do to keep my life more organized and streamlined?
? How do I even start broaching such large goals?

Why create a detailed blueprint that depicts the overall framework of your life?  The more you refine your personal processes, the more you will increase your overall productivity in your career and individual life.

This course will lead you from planning to taking real action to accomplishing your goals.  By the end of this course, you will have a full-blown action plan specific TO YOU that you can continue using and updating to maintain your productivity.

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What's Included

5 Course Modules

To incrementally increase your productivity, The Life Diagram Program provides five simple modules of step-by-step advancement.

20 Sample Worksheets

This course includes 20 example productivity worksheets with responses and questions to help you complete these fill-in-the-blanks.

28 Personal Worksheets

Beside each sample worksheet, you will have your own blank productivity worksheet(s) to pencil in your own responses.

Course Modules

Asian businessman with glasses drawing mind map diagram on white board in office meeting room for business project presentation in the conference. Showing data research and idea. Teaching concept

The Foundational Layer

The Life Diagram Program starts with recognizing, organizing, and prioritizing your fundamental values, insights, and resource allocation.  The Foundational Layer is arguably the most important focal point since you will be forming the ‘roots’ for undertakings to come.  Above all, this layer helps confirm your productive efforts correspond with the principles by which you want to live.

Woman tourist walking in spring forest. Close up of shoes. Sport, traveling and tourism concept

The Renewal Layer

Once you understand the fundamental aspects of your life, you will then take an analytical look at your hobbies and most frequent mind states. The Renewal Layer helps you determine which actionable experiences can effectively manage your emotional experiences. Essentially, this layer is responsible for providing an ongoing sense of rejuvenation as you embark on productive undertakings.

Directly above shot of unrecognizable female brainstorming ideas about writing. She is sitting at the table with a blank piece of paper, pencil and abundance of sticky notes with a word ''idea'' written on them.

The Planning Layer

Now that you’ve found ongoing ways to bring your life back into balance, you will now begin scribbling the ideas floating around your brain.  The Planning Layer involves compartmentalizing the items you want to accomplish in your lifetime all the way down to the daily level.  This will involve working from the very top to the bottom.  In essence, this layer is where you will take action.

Modern smartphone with combination lock padlock. Concept of mobile phone security

The Discarding Layer

As you continue knocking out tasks that bring you closer to your end goals, it is critical to become more selective with your expended resources.  This will help you direct more of your efforts toward these life-enhancing undertakings.  The Discarding Layer inquires about where you can preserve more time and money to use your resources in a more deliberate, meaningful way.

Close up woman hand writing on notebook

The Self-reflection Layer

To observe the progress you made in the four preceding layers, you will evaluate your performance across multiple variables.  The Self-reflection Layer helps you consider how evenly you have tended to the various areas of your life, the successes you’ve brought forth, and the improvements you want to implement.  In short, this layer measures your personal growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

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