Olivia Orman is the Founder & CEO of Livin’ Analog and a multimedia communications professional at Publishing Concepts, LLC.  She initiated this personal and professional development project to provide resources for corporations, entrepreneurs, and backward-looking thinkers curious about more analog ways of approaching life.  When Olivia is away from her creative pursuits, you will find her exploring new places on a whim, constantly trying new activities, or reading almost any book.

When Did a Yellow Light Mean Speed Up?

Our lives have become jammed packed with more activities and tasks in recent years compared to decades prior. Because we’ve conditioned ourselves to stay occupied in all moments, this has prompted us to find ways to bypass any potential of momentary boredom. Specifically: speeding up at a yellow traffic light instead of slowing down.

Digital Wellness in the Workplace

Technology has woven itself into almost every fabric of our life. Our career is no exception. Whether you work for a large corporation or run a small business, you, more than likely, have to frequently deal with a computer or phone. This begs the question: how can we live more analog in the workplace when our whole job revolves around technology?